In the dark skies over Kanab you can see the Milky Way, many Zodiac constellations, celestial objects, shooting stars and several planets. 

Join us for a magical Stargazing Tour viewing our night sky with cultural stories, Native American music, crystal clear Celestron Optics and high-powered lasers and learn something about the Universe we live in. It's safe, fun and an experience you will remember.

Star Party Tonight at 8pm. $30. per person. Send a Text Message to (435) 899-9092 with the number of people in your party for reservations and directions. 

Open every night when skies are clear. Small groups and lots of fresh air. #1 Nighttime activity in Kanab.
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    Star Party made our trip memorable
    My pal and I were spending a night in Kanab when we came across a postcard at a local restaurant for     a star party, which sounded quite interesting. We texted the number on the card and received a quick     response and shuttle pickup within a couple of hours from inquiry. I give them an A++ for the short     notice and easy accommodation alone!
    Rick and Gale are very knowledgeable and passionate about stars. They gave us a quick overview of     the area and handed us binoculars to begin our star journey. We learned about the different types of     stars, the constellations and got to view the full moon, the rings of Saturn, and the Milky Way through     their telescope. Hanging out with these two was a real treat and added something special to our road     trip. I can't wait to point out Andromeda, Saturn and Cassiopeia to all of my star gazing friends!

    Stunning Star Party!
    Had a wonderful time with Rick and Gale in Kanab. My wife and I were in Kanab for a weekend and we     were looking for activities to do in town. We read about the star party in our hotel and booked it at 9 pm     for a 12 am slot. Totally loved the experience. 
    Sky in southern Utah is light pollution free and you can see our milky way with naked eyes. Rick and     Gale gave us a very informative talk on night sky. They also make these sessions way more fun by     sharing myths and legends surrounding the constellations and stars in the sky. Also, they have a very     cool telescope that showed us images of the storms on Jupiter's surface. Overall, a fun filled activity to     do in Kanab and I highly recommend it to everyone visiting Kanab.

    Your visit to Kanab is not complete without this! This was a mind-blowing experience. 
    These folks were super nice and very knowledgeable. We all had a great time during this tour. We each     were loaned a pair of binoculars, and there was a telescope for viewing planets and star systems. This     was a wonderful evening and would definitely do it again!

   Super fun!
    Informative and mind boggling! Left us in awe! My teenage daughter didn't want to go at first, then was     so thrilled that she did. Thanks to Rick and Gayle for a mind-opening experience.